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Wrong Brother Productions is a creative partnership between William Magnuson and Max Perkins. The pair have been creating films since high school and have been an unstoppable team ever since. They specialize in working closely with clients, producing quality content that promotes their products or services.

William Magnuson profile picture

William Magnuson


William Magnuson, co-founder of Wrong Brother, has been creating films since the age of 13. After being awarded the Carson Cummings 2018 film scholarship as a senior in high school, William has adamantly pursued a career as a writer, producer, and director. Subsequently he has created countless short films, demos, and product spots for local artists/businesses. Striving to create films that are not passively viewed, but actively engaged is William's primary objective.

Max Perkins profile Picture

Max Perkins


Max Perkins, co-founder of Wrong Brother, has been producing and directing since high school. It was his first short film, “Youngbloods” that inspired him to pursue a career as a filmmaker. He appreciated the skill, dedication, and sheer might required to make something worth watching. Since then he has worked tirelessly towards creating content that leaves viewers inspired and wanting more.

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